Stars Rewards – prizes up to $100 at PokerStars

During Stars Rewards promotion PokerStars’ players will receive individual awards corresponding to what they love to play most! From March 5 to March 18 PokerStars will randomly add promotional packages worth $100.

How does it work?

Sign up in the Stars Rewards program if you have not already registered. In order to do this, use the Stars Rewards widget in our client program (in the “My Stars” section of the mobile application) and click on the “Start” button.

You earn Stars Rewards points for participating in money and betting games in all of our products available in your country. Points Stars Rewards fill your progress scale, and once it is filled, you will receive a gift.

Even if your gift does not have a $100 promotional package, you will still find in it awards that match your favorite games.

Prizes and Probabilities

The probability of getting a $100 Chest depends on which Chest you receive. Win four Chests in a day and you’ll be upgraded to a bigger Chest, all the way up to Platinum!

Chest Prize Probability
Red $100 Rewards Bundle 1 in 4,000
Blue $100 Rewards Bundle 1 in 2,000
Bronze $100 Rewards Bundle 1 in 800
Silver $100 Rewards Bundle 1 in 400
Gold $100 Rewards Bundle 1 in 200
Platinum $100 Rewards Bundle 1 in 100

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