Terms of withdrawal of winnings in TOP poker rooms

Since we all play poker for the sake of winnings, the issues related to their withdrawal from poker rooms are one of the most important. Today we want to talk about the terms that are required for the rooms in order to transfer money from the account.

Of course, in addition to the official data, we tried to find real information on this topic, that is, feedback from players who passed through this procedure. Naturally, we will talk about accounts that have already been verified and do not arouse suspicion in a room. As examples we take only the main payment systems: Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney (electronic) and plastic Visa cards.


On electronic payments, the largest room in the world undertakes to deduce money depending on its size. If the amount of funds does not exceed the amount of previous deposits, the money will be credited to the account in a few minutes.

If the withdrawal amount is greater than the amount of previous deposits, then, according to their rules, they can process the withdrawal within 72 hours. On plastic cards, cashouts are processed the same amount of time, and money comes to them within 3-10 business days. Many of us know from experience that electronic money from PokerStars is credited with money very quickly.



At Partypoker, the agreed time for confirmation of withdrawal to any payment system is 3 days. On the cards they declare a maximum of 10 days before the arrival of the money, on electronic wallets up to 24 hours. For faster conclusions, the room has its own card – GoPlay Mastercard. According to the feedback we found on the withdrawal from partypoker, it became clear that many players still do not see the difference between workdays and weekends and are surprised that the money comes to the same purse at different rates.


According to the conditions of the room, processing of the payment can take up to 2 days. The electronic systems have a maximum withdrawal period of 4-5 days, plastic cards have up to 8-10 days. Weekends are not counted – in the office 888poker is Friday and Saturday. In general, Rum is known for its long work with clients, both in terms of answering questions and withdrawing funds, but does not get out of the established terms.


In this room there is a rule that if your conclusion does not come to you after confirmation within 24 hours, then its amount is doubled. Therefore, this deadline is indicated in the box office as the maximum for all electronic payments (except for withdrawal on cards).

Tigergaming is also the first of all the above mentioned rooms, in which there are possible transactions in crypto-currencies (five of them are available for withdrawal). For some of them, the withdrawal deadlines are extended to 48 hours. After the deposit, you need to wait at least 72 hours so that you can make a cache. Players arranged and such experiments.


In support, Pokerdom told us that: “All financial applications are processed within 24 hours after the approval of the application, the funds are successfully withdrawn from our room.” Further processing is carried out by your payment method. ” That is, according to electronic systems, the time is 24 hours, but by cards, since in their case the time for receipt of money depends on the bank, up to 7-10 days. The representative of the room wrote that the cards go to 3-5 days.

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