TOP-4 of the most promising poker disciplines in 2018

We cannot say that 2018 is the ideal time to play poker for the sake of earning, it would be better 5-7 years ago, but even today there are a number of very promising disciplines, having figured out with which you can get good winnings. In this article we stop on 4 of them.

PLO cash poker
To become a real professional in Texas Hold’em, you need a lifetime, and to become a professional in Omaha there is not enough and three lives – the game is so full of variability, starting with the starting hand, which includes 4 cards, and not 2, as in hold’em. The game is poorly understood and information about it is several times less than about nlhe. That’s why there is a relatively weak field, and every player who owns at least a basic strategy can win money, gaining an advantage over rivals.


  • Weak field. Low level of understanding of the correct strategy by all players.
  • Despite the fact that this is a cash discipline, it’s much more fun to play Omaha than to hold’em because of the variety of situations that develop.


  • A high rake in PLO often does not allow a novice player to beat him.
  • Long downstretches and aesthetic.
  • Lack of information on how to play PLO correctly. This is a plus and a minus.

Spin&Go (jackpot poker)

This year, Spin&Go remains the “living” discipline. Its main feature is a colossal variance – to lose here 250-300 buy-ins very easily even for a good, understanding regular. Therefore, often players are pooled and acquire each other’s share of tournament buy-ins and winnings, so they try to mitigate the risks. For example, buy-in is $ 10 – 50% of the player invests from himself, and 50% puts a pool. The win is divided in the same proportion.


  • Element of intrigue (an unknown prize fund before the start of the game and the opportunity to win tens of thousands of buy-ins) attracts very weak players – fans of online casinos, which are most interested in the amount of randomly falling prize pool. If a low value falls out, they often lose interest in the game and can play very badly, to quickly close this table and open a new one. Therefore, for a person who has a strategy and a cold mind, Spin & Go can become a lucrative discipline. The main thing is to have a large enough bankroll, as this is a very dispersive type of online poker.


  • the highest variance.

No Limit (Classic Texas Poker)

In order to achieve success in this discipline, you need to have a special character store because of the monotony of the game process – the blinds are on the same level – there is no dynamics, there is no tournament situation, ICM does not press, so many players who tried themselves in cash disciplines , went to MTT because of the fact that tournament poker seems to be more “burning” the process. But in cash dispersion is at a much lower level than tournament poker, Omaha and, especially, spins.


  • Low dispersion.
  • The strategy of profitable game has long been defined and information about it on the Internet is sufficient.


  • A strong field is already at low limits.
  • Monotony of the process.

Multi-table tournaments (MTT)

For a beginner player, tournament holdem will probably be the most preferred discipline that will help him to fill his bankroll. Due to the fact that the field is very weak at low limits, and prizes for the first 3 places can be very significant (up to several hundred dollars).

Tournaments last for several hours from 3 in turbo mode to 5-12 in normal (the growth of blinds every 8-15 minutes) therefore MTT player must have a high level of concentration and high tilt stability, lost coin flips at the beginning of the tournament should not lead the player into a rage and spoil the mood for the rest of the session.


  • The ability to quickly “unwind” due to the fact that prizes even at low limits are high.
  • The pressure of ICM and the constantly changing tournament situation will not get bored.
  • Weak field at low limits.
  • Sufficient information on the correct strategy.


  • Relatively high dispersion.
  • Long session (usually a full-time working day – 5-9 hours).
  • In tournaments with buy-ins above $ 10 the field will be strong due to the large number of regulars.

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