TOP-5 rooms of 2018

We say that it is important not where to play, but how, at the same time the issue of choosing a place for the game is quite topical. As a result, people using their own and other people’s trials and errors on various criteria turn out to be where better. In 2018, the compilation of the popularity rating of poker rooms leads to dropout by various criteria of literally everyone. Any rating is a subjective thing, a set of criteria, their importance is often individual and the results can be different for everyone. Someone is more important than the choice of the game, others honesty and reliability, speed of payments, bonuses. Putting everything in one poker room is problematic and closest to this is 888poker.


888poker – the best in almost everything, it seemed to have begun too late to be the number one, but quickly broke into the top 3 and into the constantly in the lead. At one time there was a significant lack of speed in the introduction of new products. However, everything is already done – mobile, fast poker, and some of their chips. To play here costs at least to receive $8+$80 free, given out to beginners just for registration.


iPoker – a network of poker rooms, where everyone is for himself and has not only external but also domestic competitors, as team-mates in the F1 team, only here they are not 2, but 22, so to succeed here and let the players do it a little. To advise someone here is problematic, in fact, all sites are insignificant.


Partypoker. Everything is worse and worse – that’s the motto of this huge company, which until 2006 was the leader in online poker. Players gradually move to other places, and this room, even after unification with a competitive Bwin poker, is losing its rating.


Pokerstars is the former top leader. He is somewhat ahead of the number of players in the main competitors, but in the ratings of poker rooms for 2018 is rarely in the top position. Play here will be quite a controversial decision – bots are prospering, money is stolen from accounts, and instead, Poker Stars removes “buns” and raises expenses for players (rake raises, currency conversion fees, payment of multimillion football star contracts, “suddenly” fallen in love with poker, private frills to partner sites, etc.). Using his position, he tries to make a lottery from online poker.


FullTilt – at one time tried to really compete with the leaders, but the circumstances developed that its owners were provoked, the room was closed from the age of 1.5 and was bought by the company owning PokerStars, which now belongs. To make a competitor to themselves did not work out and the positions of FTP in the rating are constantly decreasing (at one time it was the 2nd)

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