TOP – Poker rooms with freerolls for beginners

What is a freeroll has been described in a previous article. Now I tell more in detail in which poker rooms these tournaments are the best to play, in other words which poker rooms have more freerolls!

Let’s start with the fact that freerolls are different, some are profitable to play, the others are not, some are suitable for beginners, in some there is nothing to do for newcomers. In order not to waste time, you need to understand what freerolls are really worth to play considering your current level of the game, and try to play only the best game.

Top poker rooms with regular freerolls for beginners:
If you are a beginner and your bankroll is close to zero, you should try free tournaments called “Freerolls without conditions”. You don’t need to make a deposit or raked hands to become a participant, on the one hand, this is a plus, on the other hand these freerolls have a lot of disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that they include a lot of fans of freebies, the second negative side – the freerolls without conditions usually do not have a large prize pool. Among many “freerolls without conditions” it must be selected freerolls with a good prize money, the number of competitors should be as little as possible and size of prizes must be large enough. At this stage it is important to learn how to get to the prize area, to give a small but steady growth to your bankroll. Even such bankroll will provide an opportunity to try yourself on other poker disciplines, cash tables and SNG and MTT tournaments with low buy-ins.
We collected a list of the best poker rooms suitable for beginners to play in freerolls below:

PokerDom (visit website/ promo code: NAPOKER)
A young aspiring poker room, which tries to build its player base quickly. The room encourages players and conducts a large number of freerolls. There are eight freerolls during the day, the prize pool from is from 500 to 1500 rubles. Most of free tournaments with Texas Hold’em, there is also a couple of Omaha. PokerDom has comfortable mobile clients for Android and Apple mobile devices.

GDFplay Poker (visit website/ bonus code: NAPOKER5)
The poker room with a lot of freerolls available without conditions. There are nine available daily freerolls with a prize pool from $10 to $120. As well as some daily freerolls for depositors with fund of $100 and a weekly $700 freeroll. There is also separate freeroll of $10 for all new players.

RuPoker (visit website)
Another young poker room belongs to the same poker network as PokerDom room. Actually as his “brother”, during the day it has eight freerolls with a prize money of 500 – 1500 rubles. In addition to freerolls available in the entire network, RuPoker has its own freeroll-satellites and weekly freeroll with 30,000 rubles guarantee for the players who have made a deposit. There is also a mobile client that fully replicates the capabilities of PokerDom applications.

Red Star Poker (visit website)
One of the representatives of the MPN network.In Red Star Poker there are eight daily freerolls, which are available to everyone, their prize money ranges from $50 to $100. Half of them is common to the entire MPN network, and the second half is only for RedStar players. Every Saturday evening there is a freeroll with a prize of $250, it is also available to everyone.

Tiger Gaming (visit website)
Canadian poker room belongs to the Chico Poker Network, there are plenty of daily freerolls with prize pools ranging from $10 to $300. Three of them are specially worth of attention, an afternoon freeroll for $200, evening $300 one and $100 at night. Since the freerolls are open to all, there is a decent number of participants, an average number is 800 people.

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