Treasure Quest promotion at 888Poker

888poker have prepared for you incredible treasures for a total of $1.000.000 in the form of cash prizes and gifts, from which the jaw of any real pirate will hang. You can start your sea voyage for these treasures right now!

Treasure Quest is a kind of calendar quest, a union of lotto and a calendar. There are several ways to receive cash prizes or tickets to freerolls. Complete daily quests, advance on the treasure map step by step and claim for really large money up to $100,000.

At the beginning of the promotion, each participant is given a pirate calendar card, according to which it is necessary to perform daily quests that lead to a treasure chest.

At the beginning of the promotion each player of the room receives a pirate card, through which he will be able to build his own path to the treasure. You can move on the map by performing simple daily tasks. One date – one Challenge – one cell with a treasure. When done, you open the cell on the card and receive your first prize: from a ticket for $6,000 Pirates Prizes Tournament to $50 per account in the room.

As the tasks are completed, the prizes become more solid. For players who perform 5 Challenges, opening a range of cells along or across the card, the bets grow. For the finished line on the card, the player gets the opportunity to claim a cash win of $3 to $5000.

For the most courageous pirates who will be able to open the whole map, having completed all daily tasks without exception, there is a special prize. The maximum win in this case can reach $100,000!

Additional $6,000 are played in a daily freeroll $6,000 Pirates Rewards Tournament. The freeroll will be held every day at 19.00 GMT until May 31. You can get tickets for it by performing the tasks of Treasure Quest promotion.

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