Where to play Knockout tournaments in 2018?

Knockout tournaments are one of the popular MTT formats. And there are more and more of them. Therefore, this format is beneficial: the rooms get more rake, recreational players are fun, well, regulars have the ability to smooth out the variance by knocking out. In this article we will tell you where it is best to play tournaments in this format.

Number of knockout-MTT per day: 95-103

PokerStars is the flagship of online poker. That’s why most of the knockout tournaments. Most of them are in the format of progressive knockout, which is more interesting to the fishes than the usual super knockout. Regulars do not care what kind of knockouts to play, they are based solely on math knockout tournaments. Many knockouts take place within the series several times a year. In the room there is a tendency to turbo knock-out tournaments.

Number of knockout-MTT per day: 91

The main rival PokerStars in this direction. For the past 1.5 years, Party’s leadership has made several drastic changes. Almost every month the grid of tournaments changes – the room develops and gives more opportunities to the players. By the number of knockout tournaments, the room almost caught up with his older brother.

The main plus is the lack of rake from the bounty of the tournament. For example, a tournament with a buy-in of $33 is usually distributed as follows: $15 goes to the prize fund, $15 is knocked out, and $3 is rake. At Partypoker, such a tournament will have $15 in prize money, $16.5 in knockout and only $1.5 of rake. That is, playing knockout tournaments at the party, you pay 2 times less rake. This is what makes PartyPoker the best place for knockout tournaments.

Number of knockout-MTT per day: 7-10

888poker outsider by knockout tournaments among industry leaders. Only 7 tournaments a day and 10 on Sunday. This is not enough, but the amount is compensated by a weak field. All tournaments are in the format of a conventional knockout, there are no progressive knockouts. We hope that 888poker to expand the net of these tournaments, but so far it’s not clear that the leadership of the room is doing something in this direction.

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