Win a million in Trickett’s Hero tournaments at Party Poker

Sam Tricket and Party Poker give you the opportunity to win a million dollars by investing just $100. Million is the highest prize, so in the Trickett’s Hero campaign, you will receive many more prizes that you can get by playing in Trickett’s Hero tournaments.

Sam Tricket is a professional player in the poker world and a member of the PartyPoker pro team. Despite a short career, Sam won several million dollars and won the poker Olympus, being one of the most profitable players. Together with PartyPoker, he gives a chance to win a million and other players!

Trickett’s Hero tournaments are short single-table Sit & Go events in which the prize pool is determined randomly, and the prize for the first place can be from $150 to $1,000,000. For players who take lower places, it is also possible to receive cash prizes, including a special reward for knocking out a player from the bounty. Probability of loss of prize funds is as follows:

In this tournament only 4 people play – the game in one event will not take much time, therefore, you can increase the probability of getting the main prize, playing more often! Play Trickett’s Hero tournaments, earn money and, perhaps, you will become the owner of a million dollars!

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