Win PSPC entry during WCOOP 2018 series at PokerStars

WCOOP series is back at PokerStars with an even bigger prize pool. But in 2018 you will fight not only for a part of multi-million prize money. WCOOP 2018 can bring you a ticket to the Bahamas and PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship!

During the WCOOP series, PokerStars will play 7 packages of Platinum Pass for $30,000 each.

You can win in the following methods:

Method 1: Win the Main Event

On September 17, in two Main Events of the WCOOP, more than $10,000,000 will be played. As a bonus, the winners of these Main Events will receive one Platinum Pass package.

  • Main Event WCOOP with buy-in $55 – $1,000,000 GTD (September 17)
  • Main Event WCOOP with buy-in $5,200 – 10,000,000 GTD (September 17)

Method 2: Win the Final Nations Table All-in Shootout

PokerStars will host an exclusive Final Nations Table All-in Shootout tournament, in which we will play 2 packages of Platinum Pass.

If a player from your country gets to the final table of either of the two WCOOP Main Events, you will receive a ticket to the All-in Shootout tournament, and with it a chance to win a Platinum Pass package.

With the help of the received ticket it is necessary to register at the All-in Shootout tournament on September 22 at no later than 19:00 GMT.

Method 3: Complete WCOOP mission

WCOOP is one of the best series of online tournaments, and you will be rewarded even if you simply participate in them. Register for a WCOOP assignment here, play 5 or more WCOOP tournaments with any buy-in and get a chance to win the Platinum Pass package.

All players who registered in the mission and took part in 5 tournaments will play in the special PSPC WCOOP Challenge All-in Shootout tournament and get a chance to win one of the two Platinum Pass packages.

Method 4: Become the best player of the series

During WCOOP PokerStars will maintain a leaderboard “Best Player of the Series”, whose points are awarded for participating in WCOOP tournaments. Take 1st place and get a free Platinum Pass package!

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